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Galaxy Macau in Macau (China)


Galaxy Macau

Firmen­profil Galaxy Macau im Branchen­portal

Galaxy Macau
1111 Macau
Tel.: +853 2888 0888

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Beschreibung und Mehrwerte

Hotel, Restaurant

Galaxy Macau resort destination is Macau's first Asian-centric and fully integrated resort. Created especially for those who demand the ultimate lifestyle, Galaxy Macau promises to offer them an entertainment, leisure and travel experience found nowhere else in Macau. With a design inspired by many historical Asian cultures, the resorts’ two stunning white and reflective gold hotel towers, tropical gardens and ornamented fountains, blends perfectly into its surroundings, making Galaxy Macau the most dazzling architectural masterpiece in Cotai.

Conceived with “World Class, Asian Heart”, Galaxy Macau redefines Asia’s entertainment experience and sets for the region a new standard of “Asian Hospitality”. Occupying a total area of 550,000 square meters, this Asia centric resort offers numerous recreational and entertainment facilities, including a massive 52,000 square meter Grand Resort Deck, the world’s largest sky wave pool, 350 tons of white sandy beach, numerous private cabana lounges and villas plus over 50 Asian and international food and beverage outlets.

Partnering with world-class luxury Asian hoteliers, GEG brings to Galaxy Macau the award-winning Banyan Tree Macau, the legendary Japanese Hotel Okura Macau, and GEG’s own operated and managed 5-star hotel property – Galaxy Hotel. With three distinctive Asian hospitality themes to choose from, GEG is proud to offer guests in excess of 2,200 guestrooms, suites and floating villas plus an array of world-class products and services that goes beyond its guests’ expectations of GEG’s unique Asian experience.

Promising to deliver the most delightful Asian experience, Galaxy Macau surely captivate all visitors and guests, bolster the healthy growth of GEG’s businesses and accelerate Macau’s development as a ‘Global Center for Tourism and Recreation’.

Sehen Sie hier das Unternehmens-Firmenprofil von Galaxy Macau in Macau. Dieses Firmenporträt hat die ID HLP-6-253556.

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