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Hotel Lisboa, 2-4 Avenida de Lisboa


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Hotel Lisboa
2-4 Avenida de Lisboa
> Weltzeituhr
Tel.: +853 2888 3888
Fax: +853 2888 3838

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Casino, Spielbank

MISSION & OBJECTIVES At the Lisboa Hotels, we are committed to delivering ultimate luxury to our guests. With its distinctive location and iconic architectural design, 15 acclaimed restaurants, and top quality rooms, Hotel Lisboa will delight you during your stay. You will find easy access to the city's prime tourist attractions, indoor access to the legendary Casino Lisboa and the 15 acclaimed restaurants within the Lisboa Hotels Complex. Together with the impeccable service of our staff, we aim to make your stay an enjoyable one.

ABOUT HOTEL LISBOA The Hotel Lisboa is a city within a city full of excitement and fun. Set up in 1970, the hotel is one of the most famous hotels in Macau. Known for its distinctive architectural design showcasing a lavish blend of Portuguese and Chinese décor with dazzling chandeliers and glittering mosaics, the hotel is an icon set within the heart of Macau. The hotel also showcases Dr. Stanley Ho’s extensive private collection of priceless art pieces.

LOCATION Located in the Central Business District, 15 minutes from the Macau International Airport and 5 minutes from Macau Maritime Ferry Terminal.

ROOM HIGHLIGHTS With close to 1,000 rooms and luxurious suites specially designed for your total relaxation and equipped with modern in-room facilities, you’ll be spoilt for choice at the Hotel Lisboa. Regal and luxurious, all rooms, from the standard rooms to the presidential suite have been refurbished and are decorated with rich coloured fabric and handcrafted furniture, offering modern comfort and convenience. Modern bathroom settings in each room also await you with mosaic pattern flooring, glass and marble wall panels, and massage shower. Most rooms also offer a magnificent view of the South China Sea and major landmarks in Macau.

DINING HIGHLIGHTS Enjoy a unique gastronomic experience in Macau and across Asia. The Lisboa Hotels is the only complex in the world with four Michelin-starred restaurants under one roof and offers an extensive range of restaurants serving the highest quality cuisine. The Lisboa Hotels Complex offers an extensive wine collection of over 15,000 labels; it is also the first establishment in China to receive the “Grand Award” honour presented by Wine Spectator’s Magazine. Dine at any of our 14 restaurants within the Lisboa Hotels Complex and select from French, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese and Chinese cuisine. Enjoy traditional Dim Sum at Portas do Sol or delight in the flavours and culinary masterpieces at Guincho a Galera, Macau’s renowned fine-dining Portuguese restaurant. Whatever your dining preference, there is always something for you at our 14 exquisite dining establishments within the Lisboa Hotels Complex!

Sehen Sie hier das Unternehmens-Firmenprofil von Hotel Lisboa in Macau. Dieses Firmenporträt hat die ID HLP-6-273331.

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